Tebis is a software company that develops CAD/CAM systems for tool, die and mold manufacturing. We supply turnkey installations and also provide a full software service including installation, training and hotline support. It goes without saying that Tebis CAD/CAM specialists are available as well to provide their expertise to solve your individual application questions.

Who uses Tebis CAD/CAM software?

Tebis customers come predominantly from the automobile and aircraft industry as well as their large and small subcontractors from the styling, model making, tool and mould manufacturing sectors. As of today, more than 8200 systems have been installed at more than 1950 sites world-wide, including automobile manufacturers such as Audi, Daimler, BMW, VW, Opel, Ford, Seat, Volvo, Saab, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. One important prerequisite for such high acceptance among its broad customer base is that both CAD and CAM modules be easy to learn and operate. The high quality results of the components obtained on milling machines and a rapid return on investment emphasise the software’s productivity. Ultimately, the high CAD/CAM competence of Tebis’ application engineers plays an ever more decisive role in supporting and optimising existing process lines when integrating Tebis CAD/CAM systems.

CAD/CAM and more

Tebis philosophy of Software products covers CAD and CAM. Featuring especially effective functions to the manufacturing related aspects of design. This leads to an unparalleled advantage for CAM users when calculating tool paths. Tebis also covers such areas as workshop-oriented NC programming (WOP) and quality control (CAQ), as well as also providing file viewers to support paperless manufacturing. All products use the same database, user interface and are based on the same releases, a decisive advantage when supporting process chains.