Okuma wheel lathes offer power and productivity that raise the standard. Field-proven and time tested, the Okuma wheel lathes are powerful, efficient machines that have been designed for optimal use within a wheel cell. Features such as the double door system help reduce load and unload time, while the lower Z-axis wash system reduces contamination.

Developed to meet market demand for larger, more polished wheels, Okuma also offers environmentally friendly superfinishing machines in the LAW-F and LAW-S series.

In addition to the lineup of wheel lathes, Okuma wheel machines include the MB-56VA-AW aluminum wheel drilling machine, Okuma’s premier vertical machining center.

This CNC machine takes the very best of the latest technology and tailors the specifications around the requirements of aluminum wheel drilling. It adopts a powerful double column structure to offer the most machining in the least floor space, and the latest innovations in thermal countermeasures have been incorporated to offer the best performance available today.