Typical stand-alone machining centers run only 1/3 of the available hours in a year. Processes such as setup, programming, or inefficient machine loading and flow all erode the machine’s availability for cutting parts.

Lean initiatives are causing all shops, from the smallest job shop to the largest manufacturing facilities, to review their processes and become more cost efficient.

Utilizing an Okuma pallet system can help achieve those efficiencies. The OKUMA pallet system manages your production schedule and level loads your machining centers for optimum throughput.

In most cases, a single operator can manage the system, further decreasing your Shop Rate. The typical inefficiencies of a stand-alone machine can be dealt with inclusive of the FMS making parts.

Enhance the productivity and capabilities of your horizontal machining center by connecting it to Okuma’s PALLETACE flexible manufacturing system and letting it run unattended or lights-out.

Expandable and flexible, an Okuma pallet system can be used by job shops to help maximize productivity of short runs of multiple parts by reducing non-cutting time due to setups and changeovers. Long-run production shops can benefit by allowing the system to run continually, freeing operators to manage additional machines.


The Okuma PALLETACE-C contains a complete FMS installed in a ‘container’ that is configured specifically for Okuma machining centers. Each PALLETACE-C contains all the equipment required for an automated pallet storage and handling system. An advanced and cost effective alternative to conventional pallet pools, Okuma PALLETACE turns your Okuma machining center into a flexible manufacturing system. The Okuma PALLETACE-C provides expandable solutions, and is easy to expand from its initial state to meet your future manufacturing needs. The Okuma PALLETACE-C can be configured with up to 2 containers, 2 Okuma machining centers and 2 load stations, or any combination in between.amps_m_316x304

The Okuma PALLETACE-M pallet magazine is a standard flexible manufacturing system for one or multiple Okuma machining centers. With the Okuma PALLETACE-M, you can utilize your machining capacity in the most optimal way. Unattended machining is now possible, extending your spindle utilization and increasing productivity. The Okuma PALLETACE-M consists of a high-speed stacker crane, 2 or 3 levels of pallet storage locations, user-friendly load stations and the easy to use Okuma cell controller system. The system can be expanded with additional machining centers, load stations and pallet locations according to your production needs.