Okuma builds its machine from the ground up, so we know every specification firsthand. That’s how we can create software that maximizes the potential of our machines in a way that’s unique in the industry.

Okuma software has been developed for the specific machine it operates to help you achieve optimum results. Quickly, efficiently, and without an extensive learning curve – all because of “Mechatronics” — our full circle approach to equipment engineering.


Okuma 3D Virtual Monitor software provides accurate, 3-dimensional machining simulations based on the Okuma machine and the Okuma formatted cutting program you provide (or that is determined by our Advanced One-touch program). 3D Virtual Monitor uses the exact specifications of your Okuma machine in order to know, in advance, if your program will safely, quickly and accurately produce the desired part. Small errors in a cutting program can have a huge impact on productivity. Eliminate costly repairs and downtime using 3D Virtual Monitor to test and edit programs before they hit the machine.


As machines become more complex, involving additional axes, automation and setup changing, there’s more room for human error. Many applications and development tools concentrate on the cutting and forget about the hazard of collision.

Our Collision Avoidance System (CAS) integrates 3D modeling of our machines, blanks and tooling with the power of the THINC-OSP Control to create a virtual machine. By running the real-time virtual application seconds ahead of the actual cutting, problems can be detected early and the machine stopped before a costly collision.

CAS generates the actual and exact shape of the materials milliseconds ahead of a cut to confirm that no interference takes place. Virtual Modeling requires exacting dimensions and definitions that only Okuma can deliver because we manufacture the machine.


With Advanced One-Touch IGF you can create a program to optimize your machine capabilities. It allows users to describe part geometry using simple commands such as Face/Long/Groove/Thread from which the system draws the defined shape and then develops the complete part program. The PC version of Advanced One-Touch IGF is identical to the machine’s version, so it’s easy use with a minimal learning curve.


Because 3D CAD models are becoming more prevalent, our 3D-CAM Post Processor is proving more instrumental. Simple NC programming with 3D-CAM is needed to support the 3D-CAM activities of our customers. Okuma, in cooperation with major CAM makers, has developed a post processor specifically for Okuma machines.

A post processor is a programming solution that can be used immediately after installation. With this jointly developed system, major 3D-CAM makers raise the reliability of the post processors for Okuma machines.