Okuma Innovations Make CNC Machining Easier!

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Machine tool technology is changing at a rapid rate, and Okuma is delivering innovations that keep up with this pace. Importantly, we also focus on bringing the kinds of innovations to market that are best suited for current needs and trends. At a time when most shops are juggling busy production schedules, they’re also challenged to find reliable, skilled workers to keep their machines running. Shops need technology breakthroughs that help solve this frustrating dilemma. This is why Okuma is delivering innovations that focus on one basic, but critical functionality: making CNC machining easier.


Consider the ARMROID Next-Generation Robot System, coming soon to an Okuma dealer near you. The ARMROID system includes an articulated robot built inside the machine tool(no guarding required) that performs many functions, including part loading/unloading, tool changing, workpiece support and high-pressure coolant flushing. ARMROID can be manned by an operator during the day shift and run unattended at night, to maximize all available resources. It’s extremely easy to install, easy to program, and requires no third-party system integrator. All of the work to set up the system has already been done by Okuma. I’m barely scratching the surface of what the ARMROID system can do, but the bottom line is, it provides an easy, proven solution and removes many of the perceived barriers to bringing automation into the shop.


This product is not even on the market yet, and it’s already winning awards. Recently the ARMROID Next-Generation Robot System was awarded a 2018 Best 10 New Product Award sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News).


People often worry about crashing their machines, and these fears are magnified when considering automation. Later in 2019 we’ll release an enhanced version of Okuma’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which provides an easy way of avoiding crashes. CAS will be included with the ARMROID system mentioned above, and will continue to be available as an option on other Okuma machine tools.

CAS provides peace of mind because it prevents collisions from happening automatically, without the need for advanced programming. The enhanced version will be easier to use – just go online, download a tool model in a STEP format, and pull this right into your CAS. The process is very simple, involves fewer steps, and no third-party software is required.


Okuma’s open architecture OSP control is a longstanding innovation that users have enjoyed for many years. Because it’s a Windows® PC, this makes it easy to connect to any system, including Okuma’s recently introduced Connect Plan. Connect Plan is a complete package offering both data collection and artificial intelligence (AI), and is a fully supported product. Connect Plan can look at your data, tell you where your problem areas lie, and show you how to improve productivity. This means data collection can become one of your easiest paths to higher profitability.

Just when it seems new technologies are becoming increasingly complex, you can count on Okuma to engineer ways to make it easier to use them.

Jim Kosmala is Vice President of Engineering & Technology, Okuma America Corporation. (Blog post originally from https://www.okuma.com/blog-innovations-make-cnc-machining-easier)