We Help Our Customer Succeed.

Since 1985, Numac Machinery Sdn Bhd started with a goal to assist customer in their solving their challenges in the manufacturing sectors. Over the years, we have continuously improved customer manufacturing processes by introducing latest technology in the areas of CNC machining, CAD/CAM/CAE, Sheetmetal fabrication, Heat treatment, etc. With the recent development of Industry 4.0, we also formed strong colloboration with technology providers to bring automation, robotics, 3D printing, IIoT, etc to our customer to be more competitive.

With over 30 years of experience in the CNC field, and more than 2500 CNC installed, our track record speaks for itself.

Why compete when you don't have to!

We take after sale service seriously, and strive to provide the best to our customer every time.

Our Staff

With over 70% of our team are in the after sales service, providing the BEST service to our clients have always been our main aim.