Software Solution for Maximum Stamping Robustness

Improving the robustness of sheet metal products and processes is a key factor for everyone in the sheet metal industry. Today, almost every stamping company is faced with production problems that seem to be random or unavoidable.

  • After stamping thousands of parts that meet quality specifications, the reject rate suddenly rises; for example after changing coils, it becomes impossible to meet part quality tolerances
  • Missed production targets due to the need to continually adjust the stamping process; for example slight changes in press parameters (e.g. lubricant, blankholder forces) or in product features (e.g. rounder edges) cause an unstable stamping process

The Solution for Tryout & Part Production allows companies to address stamping robustness issues during earlier phases of product and tooling design. In other words, companies can now develop the best product designs and the best tool designs for a robust stamping process.

The Solution for Tryout & Part Production provides the following benefits:

  • The software uniquely combines statistical process control techniques with sheet metal forming simulation. This allows engineers to determine the process capability of stamping operations even during the earlier phases of product and tooling design. As a result, unplanned down-time and the trouble-shooting of press lines will be minimized.
  • Variability and noise, which are inherent in the stamping process, are taken into account in the simulation, thereby better reflecting manufacturing reality. Their influence on stamping process robustness is quantifiable and predictable due to the combination of advanced stamping simulation techniques and stochastic integrated into the software.
  • The software identifies the dominant factor that has the strongest effect on a quality target. The multiple stamping simulations are carried out, changing design and process parameters and performing statistical analyses, until the “robust optimum” is found. This robust optimum corresponds to the most reliable overall conditions for stamping parts that meet a company’s quality and production targets.
  • Appropriate statistical algorithms have been selected and integrated in order for them to be used directly by designers and stamping engineers, thus reducing the workload on statistical analysis experts. This enables concurrent engineering projects between product design, tooling design and stamping production departments.

Potential stamping problems can be solved earlier in the vehicle development cycle by using the Solution for Tryout & Part Production – saving time and resources. This also means faster time-to-market for new car models, with obvious advantages.

The main features of the Solution for Tryout & Part Production include:

  • Unique combination of statistical process control techniques with forming simulation
  • Graphical set-up of design parameters and noise variables
  • Rapid identification of variability and noise influences on part quality
  • Automatic set-up and analysis of multiple simulations
  • Graphical display of process capability indicators (Cp and Cpk) directly on the part