Software Solution for Multi-Stage Processes and Springback Compensation

The automotive industry has experienced major productivity increases in recent years through time and cost improvements. Manufacturers and their suppliers are under pressure to increase the reliability of stamping tools in order to achieve efficient and reliable production. They are focused on the development of the best product designs and the best optimized tool designs for a robust stamping process.

New challenges are also the introduction of new stamping technologies and new materials such as ultra-high-strength steels and aluminum. The Solution for Tooling impresses by its ability to address all these requirements. This solution identifies complex forming problems during the early phase of tool development, thus reducing the number of press tryouts, the number of optimization loops and consequently, the total lead-time in the tooling process.

The Solution for Tooling is the most widely used stamping simulation software in the automotive industry. It enables the final validation of the entire sheet metal forming process – from the insertion of the blank into the press, through to binder wrap, draw, trim, restrike, flange, springback and springback compensation. Even the optimal wear protection can be defined before starting tool design.

The solution is well suited to the tasks of process planners and tool designers. Quickly and efficiently, they can setup the entire stamping process, make process modifications, and also consider and evaluate different process layouts in order to find the best ones. It is a perfect combination of simulation techniques for maximum speed, highest result accuracy and the influence of process variables on the robust stamping process. This solution offers an outstanding mix of functionalities for the fast and reliable generation of fully parameterized tooling geometry. A seamless, bi-directional integration between CAD-System and AutoForm software is realized for a significant speed up of die face development.

The Solution for Tooling is important for customers, who not only require a high level of reliability in part quality, but also attach great importance to the continuous innovation and optimization of stamping processes. This solution is attractive for the production planning, process planning, tool design and manufacturing and tryout departments.

The Solution for Tooling provides the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces overall lead time and physical tryout due to validated and springback compensated forming and trimming dies
  • Ensures tool and part quality
  • Enables FINAL VALIDATION of tool and process layout including springback simulation and springback compensation and ensures the maximum robustness of stamping process
  • Enables rapid verification of multiple new concepts for quality and cost improvements
  • Determines the optimal wear protection of the forming tools
  • Provides the most accurate tryout results with fastest turnaround time

The main features of the Solution for Tooling include:

  • Fast generation of complete process layout and 3D-Die-Layout of all stamping operations
  • Fast optimization of 3D-Die-Layout based on full parametric description which allows fast modifications
  • Precise tryout simulation of deep drawing, flanging, restrike, trimming and cam operations
  • Comprehensive results including formability, surface quality detection and die wear
  • Accurate springback simulation and fully integrated springback compensation
  • Influence of process variability on maximum stamping robustness
  • Seamless, bi-directional data exchange between CAD systems and AutoForm