Software Solution for Real-Time Part Manufacturability

A highly competitive market imposes continuously increasing demands on the product: styling, initial quality and reliable long term performance are required. Development and manufacturing costs, as well as total time-to-market have to be minimized in order to reach profitability. A new challenge is to develop and design products and manufacturing processes “just right the first time”.

The Solution for Product Development is used to ensure the manufacturability of stamped parts from early on in the part design cycle, in order to reduce development time and costs. Applied from early on in the part design cycle, it has been proven to deliver significant benefits in terms of robust part manufacturability and performance, as well as reduced manufacturing costs. This solution is attractive for the concept, styling, product design and production planning departments.

The Solution for Product Development provides the following benefits:

  • Early formability checks eliminate costly and late changes of part design
  • Rapid evaluation of multiple concepts leads to an optimized process layout
  • Provides absolutely the fastest and most reliable solution for feasibility evaluations
  • Provides a highly intuitive workflow for part and process designers
  • Improves results of other CAE analyses

The main features of the Solution for Product Development include:

  • Direct import and rich-editing of CAD geometry
  • Designed to work with unfinished / partial CAD data
  • Initial part-based formability check and blank estimation
  • Rapid process layout and creation of die face geometry
  • Mapping of simulation results to other CAE tools