Systematic cost-effective solutions


ARP is an expert in integrated fully automatic system solutions and your experienced partner in the sphere of metal recycling. We take care of the professional recovery and processing of your chips, punchings and sprue. In this respect, particular attention is given to the recovery of reusable materials, energy saving and improving efficiency in the manufacturing sector.

Metal Chips

Automated workpiece machining not only includes machine feeding and machining but also the disposal of chips and the recovery of cooling lubricants. ARP therefore set itself the task of constructing fully automatic and reliable disposal systems. Depending on your requirements, we offer installations which convey the chips directly from the machine tool and process and store them (via vacuum suction units or pump transport). As an alternative to fully automatic chip transport, we also have processing plants in the product range which are manually fed with chips. The chips can be subsequently processed, stored with minimum space requirements and sold at a profit.

Aluminium chips

Aluminium is used and machined in a large number of metal-cutting processes. We convey the chips from the production, prepare them in an optimum manner and transport them on to the storage containers. If required, we even deliver the chips directly to the furnace. Here we increase the efficiency of the material recovery. With minimal chip melting loss, our installations are used very economically in foundries and can be combined with the furnaces of a large number of manufacturers. The performance ranges from 500 to 3000 kg per hour. Increase your profitability with our highly efficient processing plants for recycling aluminium chips!

Feeding technique:alu_recycling

ARP offers a wide variety of feeding techniques.

    • Fork-lift truck and chip box
    • Automatic lift-tip station
    • Shovel loader and chip bunker for large quantities of chips
    • Extraction with vacuum technology for large distances to the processing plant


Conveyor technology:

You don’t have to lift a finger here!

The entire process takes place fully automatically: Conveyor technology transports the chips to the individual processing stations. A high-capacity chip bunker is used to provide the chips for the continuous melting process. The chips are conveyed to the furnaces fully automatically via a discharge screw conveyor which guarantees a steady precisely dosable flow.


You need a uniform granulate with a very low fine particle fraction for further processing and require low-maintenance and wear-resistant installations for this purpose? No problem: Our processing provides high-grade aluminium. Chips are granulated to the optimum size with our shredders and solid pieces removed on a separating chute. We reliably separate ferrous particles from the aluminium. The chips subsequently pass through the cleaning process and are dried via centrifuges. The recovered cooling lubricant is cleaned via a filtration unit and can therefore be reused.

processing plant-aluminium