ACI_DPLNexus_Marker-5ce11f2cThe BusinessDiode series of lasers are the all-rounders in the ACI range. Their high energy efficiency and beam quality make them suitable for use both with individual components and in series production lines. The systems are typically used in manual workplaces for marking entire pallets with workpieces as well as in automated production lines. The excellent beam quality enables clean and precise marking on metals, plastics and ceramics. Lasers ranging between 8W, 12W and 16W can be selected according to the application and the marking time available. All Nd:YAG lasers possess thermoelectric air cooling. This provides long system running times with no expensive maintenance work necessary. These systems represent a solution in accordance with laser safety class 4. For operation in accordance with laser safety class 1, ACI Laser GmbH also provides complete solutions in the form of lasers in conjunction with different manual workplaces.

Fields of application

The BusinessDiode lasers can be used either at a manual workplace or as integration components in an automated system.


The marking software required for operation is included in the scope of delivery. This enables the marking of texts, graphics, codes such as Data Matrix or barcodes, serial numbers, logos, wraparound circumferential marking without lap marks on rotationally symmetrical workpieces and genuine greyscale images on plastics. An intelligent rights management system supports the establishment of different operator groups, thus allowing customisation of the system to the user’s individual requirements. Even semiautomatic operation with independent data exchange to different data sources is possible without any problems.

Lasertype: Nd:YAG
Wave length: 1064 nm
Pumping principle : Longitudinal
Laser power: 8W, 12W, 16W
Pulse length: 15-100 ns
Pulse repetition rate: 1-100 kHz
Laser class: 4
Input: 100W ≤ Pel ≤ 300W
Weight: 20 kg
Length: 740 mm
Width: 201 mm
Height: 233 mm
Connected load: 100-240 VAC / 16 A / 50-60 Hz
Interfaces: USB 2.0, SPS-Interface