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Okuma Innovations Make CNC Machining Easier!
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Machine tool technology is changing at a rapid rate, and Okuma is delivering innovations that keep up with this pace. Importantly, we also focus on bringing the kinds of innovations to market that are best suited for current needs and … Read More

Influences of the Binder force on Springback Results
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In this blog post, Fernando Tersetti, Application Engineer from AutoForm Brazil, offers a comparison of springback results, between the use of a constant force vs. the use of a servo press with an abrupt increase of the force at the … Read More

PM Checklist of GENOS L2000/3000 CNC Lathe
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                      As a general rule, we recommend servicing wear items and replacing consumable oils on your CNC lathes at regular intervals. Preventative maintenance (PM) is paramount to keeping your Okuma … Read More