Verification of collision

There is too many likely collision between stock, Parts & holder in simultaneous 5 axis & tilting 3+2 axis. NCBrain5X guarantees machine safety of collision prevention by real simulation before machining.

Control feedrate by load in simultaneous 5axis & 3axis

Controls best feedrate by cutting load in simultaneous 5 axis, Minimizes tool breakage, abrasion and cutting time.
This picture shows feedrate control by cutting load and 15% efficiency up.

Toolpath addition on overload area

Prevents damage to the tool or machine and load, Ensures safety of unmanned machining.

AirCut path deletion

Minimizes cutting time, generates toolpath without worrying aircut path in 3axis & 5axis CAM job

Comparing Model

Checks over cutting and less cutting between CAD modeling and NCBrain5X modeling.

Precision of comparing model
Plane- 0.00001 (excluding surface)
Surface - 0.015 (affect modeling precision

Comparing EDM Cut

Using electrode model to check over/less cutting on result of product in simulation

Creating D/B by tool, machine and stock.

NCBrain5X will consider tools, machines and stock to create D/B. Consistently, if you upgrade D/B, you can have more machining efficiency.