NCB think employee`s growth can promise the future of company and business so we are concentrate on studying and education.
Our staff is trained as ultimate specialist so they will be part of customer to success in business.
A company that help customer to success in business with our NC machining S/W development.

NCB Inc. has been started as processing company in 1997.
NCB released NCBrain in 2003 and supplied approx.
1500 clients 6000 seats including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Honda and Mahindra to increase company profit by optimization with development of machining D/B.
In 2013, NCB released NCBrain5X which has accumulated technical skills.
NCBrain5X builds on solid engine which realizes fastest, safest and more standardized machining.
Also, NCB released new product, called ‘Mold Base Cam’ which can do whole process by one button.

We released NCBrain EYE which has brain and eye on 5axis machine for smart NC machining & NCBrain Mill equipped with optimization on dialogue 2.5D CAD/CAM in 2014 NCB will help development of NC machining more fast, safe and standardized with CAD/CAM company by leading-edge technology.