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Hot Forming
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In this article we demonstrate the finalization of process conditions for a hotforming process using images from AutoForm’s unique ‘tryout-mode’ which allows for adjustments to quickly be made during simulation. With lightweighting on the rise hotforming is a hot topic. … Read More

Keylex Corp: 80% reduction on task hours
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A Speedy Delivery of Formability and Process Evaluations Using AutoForm How to validate as many parts as possible in a short period of time? In this post we see how Keylex Corporation runs all the initial evaluation tasks from modeling … Read More

Okuma Innovations Make CNC Machining Easier!
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Machine tool technology is changing at a rapid rate, and Okuma is delivering innovations that keep up with this pace. Importantly, we also focus on bringing the kinds of innovations to market that are best suited for current needs and … Read More