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Influences of the Binder force on Springback Results
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In this blog post, Fernando Tersetti, Application Engineer from AutoForm Brazil, offers a comparison of springback results, between the use of a constant force vs. the use of a servo press with an abrupt increase of the force at the … Read More

PM Checklist of GENOS L2000/3000 CNC Lathe
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                      As a general rule, we recommend servicing wear items and replacing consumable oils on your CNC lathes at regular intervals. Preventative maintenance (PM) is paramount to keeping your Okuma … Read More

The Truth about 5-axis Machining
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For shops that aren’t already using it, 5-axis can seem pretty intimidating. In the early days, this reputation was justified, but not anymore. Twenty years ago, running 5-axis was very hard to do, and a lot of work. There was … Read More